Receive Professional Dance & Fitness training from Qualified & Experienced Instructors. Our programs focus on the growth of our students & on the authenticity of provided programs.



Be a part of the only dance curriculum that offers a thorough study of  Bollywood, Classical,

Hip Hop, Jazz & Contemporary which is complemented  with consistent full-body Strength & Flexibility Training.



Enjoy a Well-Rounded and thorough Dance Education developed by Qualified Dance Educators, which challenges you to explore the Technique, History, Theory, & Artistry of Bollywood, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz & Contemporary dance. 



Receive Quarterly Progress Reports & Proof of Certification from JKU upon completion of Level Curriculum to track your training & to submit to Schools, Universities and dance programs. 



By helping instill

Confidence, Self-Worth, Responsibility & Discipline, we create Star Performers and offer Performance Opportunities for Stage, TV, Film, Commercials, Industrials & more.


How do I register for my FREE Trial Class?

Find your preferred Studio Location and select to register for a FREE Trial Class!

What do I wear or bring to class?

Being prepared for class allows you to get the most out of your class time!

  • Dress Code | Our dress code ensures that your instructor will be able to see your alignment and positioning to best make corrections. It also helps teach our students discipline while helping with focus and energy.  All BollyZone students must wear their Joya Kazi Unlimited uniform tee with non-baggy sweats, leggings, or dance shorts. Any other JKU studio wear that is form fitting and breathable will work well. Most classes are taught barefoot and shoe specifications will be given by your instructor for sessions requiring any shoe wear. No jeans, street clothes, baggy pants, distracting clothing, or dresses. Shorts should be worn under any skirts. All KarmaFIT students can wear comfortable workout gear and work out sneakers.

  • Hair | Hair should be pulled back from the face and secured in a pony tail or bun. 

  • Jewelry | No bracelets, dangling earrings, necklaces, or distracting jewelry.

  • What to Bring | Bottled water for water breaks and a notebook to write notes.

  • Bathroom Breaks | Please use the restroom before class so you don't miss out on class!

How do I enroll in classes?

Find your preferred Studio Location to View Schedules and select a class to register for online.

How much is Tuition & what are your Tuition Policies?

  • Dance & Fitness Classes | Core Classes such as BollyZone and KarmaFIT are $20/class. Specialty Classes exclusive to JKU students enrolled in a Core Class are $18/class. Showcase days count as a class. Receive promotional discounts when you enroll during Early Registration. Your first trial class is always FREE! 

  • Tuition |  Tuition is paid on a session basis. The session must be paid in full before your first class.

  • Prorated Tuition | Prorated Tuition available for NEW mid-session enrollments ONLY and must be paid within one week of student’s start date. Prorated Tuition is not available for classes missed by students.

  • Missed Classes | Classes missed by students on their own accord cannot be prorated, made up or credited since we offer class material on our Student Center. Classes cancelled by JKU will be made up or credited as per the convenience of all students.

  • Penalties | Payments not received on or before the 1st day of class are deemed to be late. Payments not received on or before the 1st day of class are deemed to be late and must be accompanied with a late fee of $15. Payments not received in full by the 2nd class will be charged a $50 late fee.  Returned check fees are $35. Students with accounts past due one or more classes will not be allowed to participate in classes.

What performance opportunities are available?

All students have the opportunity to perform on stage every year at our Annual Showcase in the Spring.  We offer multiple performance opportunities outside of our showcases such as for Travel Channel and the United Nations World Peace Conference. Our Professional Training Program for Minis, Juniors & Teens is an intensive training program students audition for to perform professionally in Commercials, Film, TV, and Stage Productions.

What discounts & promotions do you offer?

We offer a number of Promotions to help you and your family save!

  • First Class Discount | We offer a 100% discount on your first class, always! Expires: NEVER! May be combined with any other valid discount.
  • New Student Discount |  We offer our BIGGEST discounts for first-time students who take advantage of  Early Registration. Expires: After student's first registered quarter. 
  • Early Enrollment Discount | We offer discounts all year long to continuing students who take advantage of  Early Enrollment. Expires: Last day of Early Enrollment at 11:59 pm. May be combined with any other valid discount.
  • Family Discount | We offer a $10 discount per family member to families with 3+ enrolled students.  A family is made up of immediate family consisting of two parents and their children. Birth certificates may be required to provide proof of parent - child relationship. Expires:  The same day as the Early Enrollment Discount. May be combined with Early Enrollment Discount for continuing JKU Students. New family members eligible for the NEW Student discount will be counted as a part of the family so other family members can receive the discount. New Students are not eligible for Family Discount.
  • Bring a Buddy to Dance Week Promotion | We offer a FREE Class to friends & family that want to join in during Bring a Buddy to Dance Week to see what our students have been working on!
  • Refer a Friend Promotion | We offer a $10 credit to current students on their next quarter's tuition for each student they successfully refer to JKU. New students must enroll the same day as their Free Class in order for the referral to be eligible for the discount.  Expires: NEVER!

How can I stay up to date with studio events and information?

We try to keep our dancers and families informed through in-class announcements, regular e-newsletters, and updates to our website. Be sure to add to your email contacts so that important newsletters do not end up in your spam. Important dates and announcements can also be found on our website Header, Home Page, and Student Center.

Can I watch my student's class?

Most of our studios have viewing windows through which you can observe classes while they are in session. For studios that do not have viewing windows, you can come in to observe the last 5 minutes of class. No parents or siblings are allowed in the dance rooms except during special occasions such as in-class showcases or Bring a Buddy to Dance Week to ensure that students are able to learn without any outside distractions.

What if I miss a class or am late?

Notice of tardiness and absence must be given with at least 24-hour notice. We offer weekly video resources for class material at our Student Center so you can always catch up on what is taught in class even if your are late or miss a class! Classes missed by students on their own accord cannot be prorated, made up or credited since we offer class material on our Student Center.

  • Attendance | Please note that attendance is an integral part of dance education and is used in overall assessment of a student’s class performance.
  • Timeliness | Students should arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Please be prompt when picking up dancers after class. All dancers are required to remain quietly inside the studio when waiting to be picked up. No student should leave the studio without a parent or guardian and should alert their instructor if carpooling. 
  • Cancelled Classes | Classes will be made-up or credited if the Instructor cancels on their own accord. 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you need to cancel your enrollment, we strongly recommend notifying us at least 7 calendar days before the class start date via email at or via phone at  (929) 777-JOYA.

  • We will fully refund tuition fees if the cancellation request is made 7 calendar days before class start date.

  • A $40 fee will be charged for cancellation requests made within 7 calendar days before class start date.

  • If a student is unable to attend the rest of the quarter after attending the first free Trial Class, we will fully refund early enrollment tuition fees if the cancellation request is made by the end of the day of a student's first free Trial Class.

  • No refunds will be issued after the first class of the quarter, regardless of whether the student attended the class or not since 1) we offer free Trial Classes that allow you to adequately see the content and quality of our programs and 2) we can be easily notified via email and phone.

How can I speak to an Instructor about my student?

If you would like to speak with the instructor or if you or your dancer has a concern, we will be more than happy to discuss the issue with you. Since classes should begin on time and due to the limited amount of time between classes, it is not always possible to speak or meet with the instructor during a student's scheduled class time. We welcome you to contact us at to schedule a time when the instructor can give you their undivided attention. 

What does JKU offer?

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