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"Kazi is a multifaceted Indian American artist whose work ranges from Bollywood to hip hop, jazz and lyrical dance. She also does a mean moonwalk for all you Michael Jackson Fans . . . Kazi has been dreaming of a career in dance ever since she was a little girl, and working toward her goal with an extraordinary amount of passion and drive." Read more>
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"After more than a year of tedious planning, Shake Dance Tour is set to kick off this weekend in the Bay Area. From December 6-7, tour director and lifelong dancer-choreographer Joya Kazi, 26, will be joined by a celebrity faculty to present an unprecedented dance convention unlike any other." Read more>
Celebration - Horace Mann 2nd graders celebrated "Holi", a spring festival known as "The Festival of Colors" observed in India, last Friday


"...a special presentation for the 2nd grade about the significance of Holi...with Indian teacher, Joya Kazi, to teach the children dance moves from India."

The Art of Authentic Bollywood
Comes to the Chino Valley
"Born in Mumbai and originally from the Bay area, Joya is an acclaimed choreographer, dancer an instructor with a radiance and energy that attracts the attention of all ages.  Her dance journey has allowed her to explore seven styles of Indian classical dance including, Kathak, Bhavatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Manipuri, while also training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa and Afro-Brazilian.

Joya recently choreographed for the #1 dance reality TV show in India and performed at the Bollywood International Indian Film Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Bollywood Oscars.  She is most notably known for her credits that include; Disney, DreamWorks and the E! Grammy After Party.  Joya choreographed for the Barack Obama Inaugural Ball, was the dance captain of "Mystic India, the World Tour," and was cast as the lead in Broadway's, "BollyDoll".  She choreographed for NFL/NBA pro dance teams with Shane Sparks, choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance."

Jhoomti Shaam 2010

"Straight up, the female lead was the whole performance. You werent paying attention to anyone else besides her. [Joya] hit amazing choreography and had outstanding energy... the main girl herself was the X-factor. She was incredibly amazing. I have never seen a Desi girl pull off hip-hop, Bollywood, and Michael Jackson so well. You cant disagree with the fact that she was one of the best female leads. Her MJ piece was terrific."


Bollywood, Kathak Moves Dazzle at SEF Fundraiser

"In another memorable moment, dancer Joya Nandy Kazi - a dead ringer for Madhuri Dixit with dance skills to match - led a Michael Jackson medley and stunned viewers with her speed, grace, and agility."


Top Collegiate Bollywood-Hindi Film Dance Leads


"...the UC Davis lead that stole hearts . . . one of the Top Collegiate Bollywood-Hindi Film Dance Leads of All Time..."


West Coast Crown 2010
"Among the teams competing in the more modern-themed dance categories, UC Davis's Toofan team was named the top Bollywood squad. Their filmy dance-story about a scientist who creates the perfect woman and falls in love with her was well-executed, its high level of energy and solid chemistry among dancers was more than enough to separate the team from USC's Anjaane and University of Texas's Nach Baliye."