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Stretching Tips

At Joya Kazi Unlimited, we believe that strong dancers are built through the foundation of proper training and dance technique. While learning choreography is half the battle, engaging in a curriculum that focuses on technique, strength, agility and flexibility helps create disciplined dancers that can ease their way into any dance form they desire. BollyZone, one of our main core classes, offers such a technique intensive Bollywood program for Classical, Urban and Commercial Bollywood.

We actively encourage our students to continue their strength training and engage with daily exercises to help increase flexibility while not in the classroom. Check out these Joya Kazi Unlimited approved stretches to help improve overall strength and flexibility, regardless of experience level.

Runner's Lunge This is a great starting stretch to begin engaging in your hamstrings, quads, and groin, while also being a knee-strengthening exercise. Take it a step further by dropping the extended knee and bring the back leg into an attitude. Once engaged, pulse the extended knee towards the ground, taking breaths in between. Reach back and pull in your back leg for an even deeper stretch.

Open Lizard

Engaging in the “Open Lizard” helps stretch and relieve tight hips - the first step in securing your splits. Tight hip flexors could be a potential reason preventing those from going all the way down.

Open Pigeon

The “Open Pigeon” is another great way release pressure in the hips. To engage with the correct muscles, make sure that your front leg lays flat on the ground. For a deeper stretch, advanced students can stretch forward, bringing the nose to the ground in front of you.

Head to Toe

In preparation of this stretch, open legs in a “saddle position”, stretching the legs as far out as you can. While, maintaining proper lines, stretch towards one leg, focusing on bringing the nose to your knee. You can grab your ankles/ foot for and deeper and longer stretch.


The “Butterfly” is another great stretch to release any pain or pressure in the thighs and hip flexors. To engage, keep the back straight and press the knees gently down with your elbows. DO NOT flap the legs in efforts to gain more flexibility. Flapping can cause pain and it is dangerous to the body.

Turn back leg under in splits

The goal of this stretch is to prevent the back knee from falling to the ground. By prepping up the back leg, you can engage in a deeper, more helpful stretch to gain your splits. This also helps secure proper technique and ensures you are properly sitting on your hips.

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