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Technique vs. Performance Quarters

At Joya Kazi Unlimited, our academy students receive the best of Classical, Urban and Commercial styles of dance under our professionally trained instructors. Our carefully thought out Bollywood Curriculum is year long and divided into four quarters, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each quarter alternates between “Technique-Intensive” and “Performance-Intensive”, giving students the opportunity to perform on stage 2+ times a year while balancing the technical and performative skills needed to be an all around dancer.

Sometimes new additions to our dance family ask why “Technique-Intensive” quarters are necessary, and why these quarters cannot all be “Performance-Intensive”. Creative Director Joya Kazi has the perfect answer, “Memorizing the lyrics of a song does not make you a singer, similarly just memorizing various moves to a new choreography week after week does not make you a dancer.”

Strong dancers are built through a solid foundation of dance education, which consists of learning proper dance technique in both Indian Classical and Western Classical Dance. Learning proper dance technique provides a strong foundation for any dancer which will allow them to succeed in any dance class.

During Technique-Intensive quarters, students focus on strengthening, flexibility, spatial awareness, accuracy and efficiency in movement. Students are taught safe training practices and are professionally coached to build strong and positive muscle memory which helps dancers eventually engage in more intricate choreography and stunts.

Once a strong technical foundation is laid, students are then able to apply what they have learned towards building performance skills for the stage. This includes proper body language, facial expressions, partner work, formation changes, and layered choreography.

As our Spring Showcase, "Shakti - The Power Within", is on its way, our instructors are confident that our "Technique-Intensive” quarters have properly prepared our dancers for this upcoming performance. We look forward to sharing more memorable dance experiences and memories with our #JKUFAM. For Show Tickets to "Shakti", visit our website, JOYAKAZI.COM.

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